Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March Favourites

I hope you all had a wonderful March! I know I am excited for Spring, as the winter here in Canada seems to be never-ending! It was a pretty low key month makeup wise as I have been busy with school and in truth, quite lazy with putting a lot effort in, haha. I found a new skin care addition and rediscovered a face wash. Was impressed with a base and loved some new shampoo and conditioner. Finally, I tried a new mascara and wasn't disappointed! 
So, here are my March Favourites!

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

I bought this at the end of February from Tarte's online website because they had an introductory 20%  off promotion, which was great! I had not heard of it before, but it got great reviews on the website so I decided to give it a try! I like face oils already, but have some that I find too heavy or they don't moisturize enough and just sort of sit on the surface of my skin. BUT, this baby is good. It sinks into the skin but doesn't leave an oily shine. It makes my skin feel immediately soft and hydrated. I am usually wary of buying makeup stuff online since I can't try it out in person, but am glad I went for it this time! I would highly recommend this product if you're in the market for a face oil
(Plus the packaging is just ridiculously cool!)

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish 

I had forgotten about this face scrub for a while but am glad I rediscovered it this month! With the dry skin of winter I have been trying to keep my skin, especially my face, hydrated and exfoliated. I love how tiny, but grainy the particles are in this polish and I find that my skin feels really clean after using it. The smell is good too - I want to say apricots, but whatever it is, it's nice. What I really like about it, is that it feels like it's creamy as well as rough (make sense?). As if it has moisturizing aspects to it on top of being a scrub. Overall, really great! Will definitely repurchase. 

Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in "100 Bare Light"

I picked this up in a drugstore haul earlier this month and have been seriously impressed. We went to a few events in March and I used this just to add some brightness to my face. It really does add a glow! BUT, not an obnoxious "look at my sparkling skin" kind of thing. I find it very subtle and pretty, and it actually makes a difference in photos! I have used it on everyday makeup days as well as going out nights and am happy with the lasting power and illuminating aspect of it! I think this is a great, affordable base/illuminator!

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Let me start out by saying I love the smell of these guys. I can't explain it. It is a unique scent that lingers throughout the day and I just love it. I got these sample sizes in a trial kit from a hair saloon a while ago and have been using them almost all month! I absolutely LOVE the hair oil they make, so I was hoping these would be good too - and they are. The shampoo is very cleansing and the conditioner is quite creamy. I like a good, thick conditioner that penetrates hair and leaves it moisturized because my hair is so dry/damaged. I have since gotten full size versions of these and would recommend them to anyone. 

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash "Extra Black" Mascara

I have had this product for a while and only started using it when I ran out of my regular mascara and was too tired to go out and buy another one. I am glad I was lazy because this is a gem! I especially like it because it is like an old-fashioned, no frills, black mascara. It doesn't have a specially designed wand or makes your lashes grow, it just does its job and does it well. I find it more lengthening than volumizing but it is definitely buildable. I have used this almost everyday, and really quite like it. Overall, great and simple mascara

What have you been loving this last month?

Thanks for hanging out!

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