Saturday, March 01, 2014

Scarf Organization

I have accumulated a number of scarves over the years and only recently received a way to store/organize them. My mom got me this scarf holder from Home Outfitters (I think..) for Christmas and I love it. It is in the shape of a dress silhouette which is super cute, with holes throughout to hold your scarves. I had yet to really put any effort into making my scarves look nice with it until now!

This is what it looked like BEFORE. I had just pulled scarves through the holes and let them hang. 

So in my quest to make my scarves look better and more organized, I started by spreading out a scarf and folding it in half. Then folding it in half again. 

Then I laid one side over the other and created a little loop in the middle. 
Then it is just a matter of twisting and wrapping the two tails together to make a compact twist

For longer scarves, I needed an "anchor" to help me keep the scarf in place while twisting it, so I just took something solid and thin to put the loop over, like this remote, and continued twisting.

And this is what it looks like to have all my scarves neat and twisted

Then I just took all my twisted scarves and pulled them through the holes in the scarf holder

I am quite happy with how my scarves look now. Definitely more neat and tidy then before!
I hope you enjoyed this little post!

Thanks for hanging out!

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