Thursday, March 06, 2014

Product Empties #1

Here are some products that I have finally used up!

Yankee Candle "Cranberry"
Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Conditioner
Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pak
Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity 
Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo
Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara
Revlon Colourstay Smoky Shadow Stick

HomeSense, approx. $8
Yankee Candle Home "Cranberry"

This is one of my favourite candles ever. I got it at HomeSense a while ago and was super excited because I was looking for a Yankee Candle to try since I heard they were really nice. Man, I didn't realize how nice they really were! They burn evenly, and I love this scent "Cranberry" because it smells like something from my childhood. I can't quite place it, but it just makes me feel comfortable and warm. I wouldn't say it smells like actual cranberries; it has more of a sweet, candy smell to me, which is delicious. I am sad that it is all used up, and am going to have to look for another one soon! 

Select Hair Salons, approx. $30 each
Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner & Nourishing Hair Building Pak

I got these two Davine's hair masks ages ago from my hairdresser and have finally almost reached the end. I picked up the Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner and the Nourishing Hair Building Pak on recommendation. Both are suggested for reconstructing and helping brittle, dry hair (which I definitely have). They were quite good actually, and liked to leave them on for 5-10mins in the shower. I thought they made my hair a little softer and more manageable. I didn't love the smell though, it is quite a natural, maybe "earthy" smell which is okay but it's not my cup of tea. Once washed out it smells clean which is good, but I found it kind of overpowering when using it. Overall, they were good as conditioning hair masks, and I might repurchase these again, but they were pricy so I'll look for more affordable options first. 

Shoppers Drug Mart, approx. $10-15 
Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Cleanser  

I am sad that I have used up this Soap and Glory face wash because I really liked it! It smelled very clean and fresh, and was lightweight with some little pink micro-beads for exfoliation. I thought it did a really nice job of removing makeup and cleaning skin in one go which I love because anything fast and convenient is my kind of product. Overall, this was a really good face wash that didn't irritate my skin and I am sad to see it go. My mom and I like Soap and Glory as a brand so I will try out some of their other cleansing products since I can't seem to find this one anymore. 

Shoppers Drug Mart, approx. $12
Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo

I had high hopes for this "clear dry shampoo" but I don't think it is the best one on the market. I really like dry shampoos and the idea behind them because I can't wash my hair everyday due to it being so dry and damaged. This one was okay; I liked that it was clear and not powdery, but I don't think it was as effective as others I have tried. I didn't really like the smell of it either - it had a very hairspray kind of smell which can be nauseating when you use more of it than you would with actual hairspray. I won't repurchase this one because I'd like to try some other, well reviewed ones like Dove's texturizing dry shampoo., $28 (full size)
Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the packaging of this Tarte mascara. How about all Tarte products in general too! They are all just so stylish and pretty! This was a sample size of their "Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara" that I got free with purchase using my Sephora VIB points. I really liked this mascara because it reminded me of the Benefit "They're Real" mascara which has been a favourite of mine since I got it. I find this one easier to remove in comparison to the Benefit one, which I like. It has a flexible plastic wand with spikes that allow for separation of your lashes while coating each one with the very smooth formula. Definitely worth the money if you like "They're Real" and want to try something similar. 

Shoppers Drug Mart, approx. $8
Revlon Colourstay Smoky Shadow Stick

I have had this cream eye-shadow stick duo by Revlon forever and have finally finished enough of it to consider it empty. I liked it...I didn't love it, but that is only because I didn't find the colours wearable for everyday use. I have brown eyes and tend to stick to neutral shades when at school or work so the blue-gray/silver and metallic dark green were more suited for going out or for a dramatic, smoky eye. I do like the colours and the consistency is smooth, but I recommend using a primer first or a setting spray after as they can slip if worn for a long period of time. I have the same product but in a light brown and beige which I use all the time and like very much. 

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my Product Empties!

Thanks for hanging out!

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