Thursday, July 04, 2013

NYX Eyebrow Marker

I was hesitant to try this eyebrow marker because I was afraid it would look like I had those really artificial, drawn on eyebrows, ya know? But...I was pleasantly surprised! For my first time using an eyebrow marker, I have to say that I'm impressed. 

I picked up the shade EBM 02 Deep, which is a dark brown colour that matches my eyebrows pretty well. 
I usually use a powder by QUO that I love but wanted to try something that was convenient and easy to apply quickly. I sometimes find brow powders fall and smudge, but this marker stays put! 

It has a very fine tip which is great for precision and easy application
It fills in sparse areas nicely and doesn't look too drawn on or fake. 

I like NYX's Eyebrow Marker cause it allows me to create the shape I want in a few easy strokes and it lasts a long time
Overall, I'm quite happy with this product! I won't give up on my powders but I can see myself using this regularly (I tend to sleep in and have to get ready in a rush most days, haha)

Thanks for hanging out!

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