Monday, July 29, 2013

Disappointing Product: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I really wanted to love this foundation...I had heard and read great reviews on it for a while and when I finally got it I was excited! But for some reason the formulation just didn't agree with my skin so I had to stop using it :(

I got the shade 100 Ivory, which suited my skin tone quite well actually! 
I have sensitive skin but haven't had a bad reaction to a foundation as bad as this one before. It made my skin very dry and created lots of little bumps quite quickly.
Even though I had a bad experience, I think that this could be a good foundation for other people. 

The foundation is creamy and has good coverage. It spreads nicely too..

It did blend out quite well - all this made it seem like the perfect product. So, it made me sad that it turned out to not be perfect for me..

Even though the foundation didn't work for me, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is a product that I love! It has great coverage and blends beautifully (without the skin reaction!) 

Thanks for hanging out!

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