Monday, July 29, 2013

Disappointing Product: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I really wanted to love this foundation...I had heard and read great reviews on it for a while and when I finally got it I was excited! But for some reason the formulation just didn't agree with my skin so I had to stop using it :(

I got the shade 100 Ivory, which suited my skin tone quite well actually! 
I have sensitive skin but haven't had a bad reaction to a foundation as bad as this one before. It made my skin very dry and created lots of little bumps quite quickly.
Even though I had a bad experience, I think that this could be a good foundation for other people. 

The foundation is creamy and has good coverage. It spreads nicely too..

It did blend out quite well - all this made it seem like the perfect product. So, it made me sad that it turned out to not be perfect for me..

Even though the foundation didn't work for me, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is a product that I love! It has great coverage and blends beautifully (without the skin reaction!) 

Thanks for hanging out!

Monday, July 08, 2013

The Balm "Betty-Lou Manizer" Bronzer

Let me first begin with how much I LOVE the packaging of The Balm products!!
Kinda retro, with a classy and quirky/playful feel - just makes things seem a little more special, haha! 

Anyway, I gotta say that I am impressed with this bronzer for many reasons...
The colour is a nice light brown that blends really well with my foundation. 
And it also, acts as a highlight too! Although it is first and foremost labelled as a bronzer, this baby really illuminates your face!

I like that the brown is not too overpowering like some other products I've used. 
Since I have a relatively pale complexion with sensitive skin, I don't like my bronzer to look unnatural or too bold. I'll use darker ones when I have a tan because they can compliment rather than overshadow, but on an everyday basis, I find the "Betty-Lou Manizer" (love the word play, haha) to be an appropriate shade for regular wear

Although this swatch looks shocking at first, this product does blend out nicely to give that glowing effect!

I have really been enjoying the few The Balm products that I've gotten lately, and will continue to review some more! 

Thanks for hanging out! 

Thursday, July 04, 2013

NYX Eyebrow Marker

I was hesitant to try this eyebrow marker because I was afraid it would look like I had those really artificial, drawn on eyebrows, ya know? But...I was pleasantly surprised! For my first time using an eyebrow marker, I have to say that I'm impressed. 

I picked up the shade EBM 02 Deep, which is a dark brown colour that matches my eyebrows pretty well. 
I usually use a powder by QUO that I love but wanted to try something that was convenient and easy to apply quickly. I sometimes find brow powders fall and smudge, but this marker stays put! 

It has a very fine tip which is great for precision and easy application
It fills in sparse areas nicely and doesn't look too drawn on or fake. 

I like NYX's Eyebrow Marker cause it allows me to create the shape I want in a few easy strokes and it lasts a long time
Overall, I'm quite happy with this product! I won't give up on my powders but I can see myself using this regularly (I tend to sleep in and have to get ready in a rush most days, haha)

Thanks for hanging out!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NYX Matte Lipstick

Just so it's out there, I admit I have an obsession with lipstick. Doesn't matter if its the same colour but a different brand, I get it anyway. I just want to try them all! So, I picked up this NYX matte lipstick the other day in "Whipped Caviar".

I have actually never tried any NYX lipsticks but saw this one in the drugstore and thought, why not? They are affordable and the formulation is actually really nice! Matte lipsticks usually tend to dry my lips out but this one stays hydrated and the colour lasts longer

I've been searching for a "My Lips But Better" kind of lipstick and am very happy with this colour! On first application it matched my lips almost perfectly and then as it builds up it gets darker and prettier. 

Natural - no lipstick (indoor lighting)
"Whipped Caviar" first application (indoor lighting)
Second application (outdoor lighting)

I really do love this lipstick because its matte but doesn't dry my lips out and the colour is really pretty. Looks natural and can be worn with different looks. 
I'll definitely be trying some of the other NYX matte lipstick colours! 

Thanks for hanging out!