Monday, June 24, 2013

Hmm...Where to begin..

My name is Lillian but you can call me Lilly if you like. I am 20 years old from Ottawa, ON, Canada and don't know what to do with my life.
So I've decided to start this blog so I can record my thoughts on things I find interesting. 

Maybe I'll find others who share my passions and hopefully find a niche for myself somewhere in this great big world! 
So welcome! Let's be friends

A little about me, but mostly my cats: 

I've had three pet cats in my life so far :) unfortunately two have left us in the past couple years, Tina and Flloyd..but my calico fluff ball Diamond remains! On the cusp of 16 human years old (approx. 75 in cat years) Diamond is still prowling around like cats do. I love her and she hates me but we make it work ;) 

Beautiful Tina was my first cat at age 5 followed shortly by Diamond. She was the cuddliest and most loving cat in the world. After 14 years together she disappeared and sadly never returned. It was heartbreaking but inevitable as she was getting old and fragile. I miss her everyday <3

We adopted him from a neighbour who couldn't take him with them when they moved and what a great decision that was! Known as the "Yoda" of the neighbourhood cats, Flloyd was so calm, gentle and snuggly and gave us love like it was going out of style! He disappeared not too long after Tina but was also a senior cat, so maybe it was just their time. I love them all and am happy to have had the time we were given with them.

Anyway.. I love my cats and all cats for that matter and it seems the Internet does too since the amount of cat memes, youtube videos and cat Facebook pages basically dominate the web! LOL!

I'll also be posting about beauty and makeup products along with travel stuff and other things that catch my eye, so stick around :) 

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